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Three unknown facts about the flu, which can cost you your life

Три неизвестных факта о гриппе, которые могут стоить вам жизниThis is the case when ignorance can kill.

We all know that influenza is a serious viral infection which no one is immune. Doctors believe the disease is dangerous for adults, but those most at risk are the elderly, pregnant women and young children. Complications after the transferred flu can be varied. Cardiovascular failure, pneumonia, kidney disease, gallbladder or pancreas – the flu can strike from any direction.

Despite its wide prevalence, the flu is surrounded by many myths, which, unfortunately, can end up very tragic. Because the flu does not forgive such carelessness.

MYTH 1. From the flu will save the “magic” pills that are advertised on TV

It’s a lie. Any treatment that is not approved by your doctor, can lead to complications of the disease. The availability of most drugs that have antiviral, immunostimulant and immunomodulatory effects on the body, resulted in patients regularly drinking these drugs and use them self-medicate and prevention of influenza.

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However, we should not forget the fact that any interference in the functioning of the immune system an adult or child will lead to serious consequences for his health.

MYTH 2. Antibiotic – best cure for flu

As practice shows, this myth is extremely tenacious, despite all the efforts of doctors who do not get tired every day to repeat that the antibiotic has no effect on the flu virus, as its main task – the fight against bacterial infection.

In addition, modern authoritative organization, for example, the British centre for the control of influenza, confident that thoughtless antibiotic therapy and self-medication this group of drugs can cause:

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allergic reactions,

problems in the gastrointestinal tact,

endocrine disorders and more.

MYTH 3. The flu, like the common cold does not require treatment

This myth is not just to harm, it is deadly. Each year from complications caused by the flu virus kills tens of thousands of people around the world. Most of them prefer not to waste time and money for treatment, citing the excessive employment at work or school and the inability to take a full-fledged hospital.

Despite the fact that the first acute phase of this virus the disease takes place in the early days, the period of medical monitoring and treatment should take at least another 5-7 days. And only after that we can confidently say that the disease is completely defeated.

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