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Three simple way to cleanse circulatory system of toxins

Три простых способа очищения кровеносной системы от токсиновIt became known as a “home” easy ways to clear the circulatory system.

Traditional healers have long argued that the surest way of recovery from any disease is timely cleansing of the blood system from toxic substances. It is these substances that clog the blood and not allow the body to fight the disease fully.

Moreover, a clogged circulatory system — a perfect environment for cancerous cells, so it is very important to learn to clear without resorting to radical methods of treatment and use of expensive drugs.

In order to clear their own vessels from bacteria, microparticles and other “garbage”, you can ask for help to the same traditional medicine, which offers the three most simplified method of cleansing the blood:

1. Garlic alcohol tincture. We all know that garlic is a natural antibiotic that heals people from lots of ailments. Flavonoids, vitamins and other nutrients garlic are particularly appreciated in medicine, not only in the people. Garlic is known as the most reliable means against the flu and seasonal infections. It strengthens the immune system, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and gently cleans the blood vessels from all harmful. It can be used both in pure form and in tincture, which certainly would have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. The infusion is prepared very simply: chop on a fine grater garlic to get 40-50 grams, put it in a glass jar and pour a good vodka without additives in an amount of 100 ml. Then the future tincture should be put in a dark place to make sure she were real. 10 days to get the infusion and drink 2-3 times a day for half an hour before eating 10-15 drops for 2-4 weeks.

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2. Drink from ginger. The root of this miracle product has a unique set of nutrients that the human body is exceptionally good. Ginger does a fantastic job of cleansing the whole body, including blood vessels, from toxins. Therefore, healers are recommended to brew and drink in the morning, a drink made from ginger. It is more than simple: cut off from the root a few cloves or sprinkle a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger into a Cup, pour boiling water, add a slice of lemon. When the drink has cooled slightly you can add honey.

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3. Tincture of the juice of celandine. You can cook it only in the growth period of the plant. But to use it you can still long, as it is on alcohol. Recipe: cut the grass so finely that you squeeze the juice. Mix in a glass jar juice 10 drops, and 70 ml of alcohol. Put in the refrigerator and then consumed every day for a month, starting with one drop before Breakfast, two before lunch, three for half an hour before dinner, and daily increasing the dose to 1 drop before each meal. 15 days should start taking the tincture, lessening the dose in the reverse order.

Nothing prevents you to try at least one of the above methods of cleansing the blood from toxic substances. Moreover, these methods were tested Tibetan healers many decades ago and their effectiveness was undeniable.

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