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“Three of hell”: a New image of the little Fuhrer

And we have a regular feature — footage from the shooting of the horror film “Three from hell!” Sponsor of the show — Rob Zombie.

While there were shooting, the Director almost daily and pelted fans with recent photos from the site. Then on Instagram, Zombies happened to break, the shock-rocker for a while went back to the music issue, but now once again delights us with an exclusive from the upcoming film.

We have already seen, will look like baby and Otis, and captain Spaulding, the main characters and also villains of the trilogy that began with “House of 1000 corpses” in 2003. As far as we now know, the family of psychopaths survived and even appeared before the court, so we meet them in the prison.

However, these maniacs, of course, not the only characters in the film. This time the Director has introduced us to a new way Pancho Molera, known for the film “31: Feast of death.” Now his name is Sebastian, and he’s got one eye. This guy will be involved in the upcoming madness? The history will show.

In addition, Rob Zombie shared the scenes with Danny Trejo, returning to his hero Rondo, harsh mercenary who knows his business.

We don’t know when “Three of hell” will see the light, but according to the Director, he can do only in the autumn, and therefore the Prime Minister should wait for the likely already in 2019.

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