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Threats to humanity that need to pay attention to 2018

Угрозы человечеству, на которые следует обратить внимание в 2018 годуPeople need to be more attentive to what is happening around them

First of all, people need to begin to regulate the Internet space: the real danger is posed by hackers, as well as leading countries of the world. Yes, the leading countries have a sufficient level of technology development, to arrange large-scale disruptions to networks around the world. If you do not enter into certain restrictive agreements, possible attacks on industrial facilities and the various important institutions.

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The next issue is the globalization of the financial system. In 2007-2008, it was seen as interconnected economy. If global giants goes bankrupt, it goes to the bottom and other States. Cause a new crisis can be all of the same cyber attacks.

Climate change we are already seeing, will provoke difficulties in the cultivation of agricultural crops. Begin shortage of food, even possible starvation.

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And, of course, not to mention the danger of artificial intelligence. A little popusti robots, turn being turned on its head. And the challenge is stupid.

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