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Thousands of spectators watched Russian films festival in Mumbai

The Indian market for the Russian cinema began to open. While primarily for the animated series, which is interested in Indian TV channels. But the interest in Russian cinema, the local audience is. For the second time in bollywood has passed the international festival “Days of Russian cinema” where our film was presented by producers Igor Tolstunov, Alexey Petrukhin, actors Catherine Spitz, Elena Zakharova, Alexander PAL and others.

Thousands of spectators watched Russian films festival in Mumbai

The film festival was held from 15 to 18 November in Mumbai, the capital of bollywood. Seven thousand Indians attended these sessions as claimed by the organizers (producer kompanieya Cinemars with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Union of cinematographers of Russia), is several thousand more than last year. The participants of the Russian delegation not only showed their films, but communicated with the audience, answering questions and sharing your experiences. Visited on a bollywood Studio, held a press conference and round tables, as well as social and business events.

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The audience of the second international festival “Days of Russian cinema”

Of particular interest is the audience called the film “a Good boy”, which some Russian critics compared him with the Indian musical paintings. At least, dancing and singing in this picture demonstrate the love of its creators to the Indian cinema and its aesthetics, in which singing and dancing were decided by a substantial portion of unsolvable problems. Their impressed another, somewhat different experience of music movie – the film “Queen of Spades”, which was shown the day before the exit in the Russian hire.

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Trailer of the movie “Good boy”

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