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Thousands of Serbs took to the streets to protest against the President

Тысячи сербов вышли на улицы с протестом против президента страны

Protests against the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic gaining momentum. On Saturday at a protest March in the Serbian capital left thousands of Serbs

Thousands protest March was held on Saturday, December 29, in the Serbian capital Belgrade. On the streets of the city, protesters against the country’s President, Aleksandar Vucic, according to Reuters.

The demonstrators marched through the center of the capital with placards, chanting “Vucic is a thief!” This is the fourth protest March in the Serbian capital in recent weeks, the Agency said. The protesters are demanding the freedom of the media, the cessation of attacks on journalists and opposition members.

The reason for the wave of protests began beating in late November, an opposition politician. Opponents of the government claim that the attack was provoked by a speech Vucic, in which he criticized the opposition.

Opponents of the current government also said that Vucic has established control over the main media of the country, and his party is corrupt. The President denies all the charges. Commenting on the protests, vučić said that he is ready to discuss the demands of the opposition. “I’m ready to see what annoys people” — leads the Agency of his word.

The ruling coalition led by the Serbian progressive party Vucic, now has a majority in the Parliament (165 out of 250 seats). Following national elections held in Serbia in 2020. The latest polls conducted in November show that the party Vucic support 53,3% of Serbs, while other parties are far behind.

Reuters notes that protests of this magnitude in Serbia are quite rare since the civil unrest of 2000, which led to the resignation of Slobodan milošević as President of the country.

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