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Thousands of people in Spain are protesting against government policy

Тысячи людей в Испании бастуют против политики правительстваTens of thousands of people on Sunday, December 18, took to the streets of Madrid in protest against the policy of the Spanish government in respect of labour legislation.

The two largest Spanish trade Union UGT and CCOO organized a protest March under the slogan “first and foremost the people and their rights.”

The demonstration was a continuation of the 60 less numerous protests that have occurred across the country in recent days.

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“We will not allow the government to keep reducing the last years”, – said the leader of the UGT, josé Maria Alvarez. The March was supported by the leaders of the Spanish socialists and extreme left forces.

Reducing government spending and reform labor laws that have been held by the conservative Spanish government in the fight against the economic crisis over the past five years, struck a blow for workers and their purchasing power, according to the trade unions. Participants of meeting demand from the government of conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, among other things, the increase in social benefits, wages and pensions, a fairer tax policy and the termination of liberalisation of the labour market.

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