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Такая работа...

The figure of the executioner with all his infernal traditionally represented a collective image, devoid of personal identity. Burns, cuts of the head, shoots. This continues at all times, and as if in all ages it is the same executioner.


Такая работа...


But life is very prosaic, every by of capital punishment and have the name and surname, and personal life, and sense of experiences. Talking about the butchers of domestic, especially of the XX century – it is wrong. Too close these days, some living close relatives. So we will talk with You about France XVIII century.

The family of Samsonov was known. For several generations all men of this kind were the executioners. They h, were on the wheel, hanged, beheaded. This was their job. Every boy in that family knew that he’ll deal with this family craft. Therefore, since childhood they have been witnesses to executions to understand how and what to do handy. Required professionalism. For that good pay was sufficient to support a family.

Charles Jean-Baptiste Sanson even decided to send their son to study. But to no avail. The child was excluded, as it became known, the profession of the Pope. It is not surprising. The executioners were a kind of caste. Knew them in person, didn’t talk to them unnecessarily. Tried not to touch them. Was the official limit for these people, where to walk, what to do. And do, in fact, nothing was impossible apart from the main profession. To get married, too, could also only within the families of their “Guild”. Children of executioners could not find another profession. At the same time, they had necessarily to become the executioners.

The nonsense of the situation is that while the marginality of the executioners as of the authorities and of the people, with all the awe and animosity, which were experienced, they were a necessity. For the rulers, they sang the sentences, taking upon himself all the physical work on this issue. For the people they represented indispensable entertainers. A crowd gathered to watch as once again someone will effectively remove the head and hooted enthusiastically.


Такая работа...


The boy, who failed to study for another profession was Charles Henri Sanson. The most prominent representative of this infamous family. It was a tall, handsome, intelligent, charming man. He wanted to be a doctor, even one time, then studied at the Academy of Leiden, but in the end had to continue his father’s work.

When Sanson could happen in a society, people were drawn to him, tried to make friends with him, women sought him pleasant company. But just as they learned of his origins – they were very varied. One woman even filed a lawsuit against him that he was not warned about his craft.

Charles Henry had several brothers. They all focused on the distribution of work in the regions of the country. Coming together, they never talked about work and each other jokingly called the MSE de Paris, M. de Reims, – by place of service.

Charles Henri became the protagonist of the Paris executions in the late 1770’s. He regularly dealt with all criminals and enemies of the Kingdom. When the revolution broke, it turned out that the call to “overthrow all of the executioners” is not for the executioners. Sansoni continued to do their jobs under the new government. Now on the scaffold rose the most noble person.


Такая работа...

Previously, they and look in the direction of Charles Henri thought of baseness, and was now looking at him with eyes full of despair and false hopes. He was good to them. Say that until delivered to the place and tried in the infamous cart in the back seat of women, to avoid shaking in transit. Men, too, was extremely polite and courteous.

The revolution found it necessary to repeal the outdated public torture, leaving one kind of punishment for all, regardless of titles, and regalia – deprivation head through the guillotine. Sanson was part of the “working group”, which engaged in the development of this device. Taking into account the recommendations of the practice Sanson and Joseph Guillotin designed his invention.

In the years of the revolutionary regime in France Charles-Henri Sanson was too much. The crowd is still being gathered. Now welcoming the next office of the head of the revolutionary songs. The time has come to use its services and citizen Capet – the former king Louis XVI.


Такая работа...

It was very exciting. All waited that the king will save, but such is not found. It all very casually. Also routinely executed, and Marie Antoinette. Both men are very behaved on the scaffold, Sanson and helped his son, preparing to adopt the craft.

It’s time for the revolutionaries to destroy each other. Executed famous citizen Egalite. Next, came the fathers of the revolution. Executed simultaneously up to 20 people. Danton, Verna and many many others. It is the turn of Robespierre.


Такая работа...


Of course, were executed for political reasons. Sanson eliminated and criminals, and traitors. The total number of human lives, dangling Sanson by order of Royal and revolutionary authorities nearly reached three thousand.

He drove in the same shameful cart to the guillotine, almost in the role of Charon. They killed those who more recently gave the orders to execute. The concept of “good” and “bad” quite has faded, if ever there was once. The law of the genre requires, and the Sanson eventually tried his guillotine on itself.

But life is not a movie and not a novel. Sanson just tired. After the cycle he decided to retire. And quietly a few years lived a simple retired. Though he was still afraid as before and, seeing on the street, preferred to roll far in advance. Though not Sanson sent people to death – animal fear was directed towards him, as it represented the last gasp of the victim.


Такая работа...

Henry, son of Charles-Henri Sanson

His business, he gave his son, and then educate his successor. Next will be a completely different world. Eventually disappear Sansoni on the scaffold, but do not run out of craft butchers.

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