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This well-known product can save you from heart attack and stroke

Этот всем известный продукт спасет от инфаркта и инсультаThe positive effect is created due to constant use.

Norwegian researchers from the University of Bergen have found that saturated fats have a beneficial effect on health. It turns out that butter increases the level of good cholesterol in the human body.

In June of this year, scientists at tufts University conducted a sensational study that overturned existed for decades stereotypes. It showed that the butter is not only harmless, but also useful for human health.

Just a few days after that, the researchers from Harvard University made a statement that butter increases the risk of death. Next month scientists from Tufts University has again published the results of a study in which this has been said that butter should be avoided.

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And now Norwegian scientists discovered that contain saturated fats diet is the only way to increase the level of “good” cholesterol in patients with obesity of internal organs.

Scientists from the University of Bergen conducted a randomized study involving 38 men who suffered from fatty degeneration of internal organs. Only volunteers have a diet with high fat levels, an increase in indicators of “good” cholesterol.

All study participants were divided into groups and each were given either high in carbohydrates or fats, half of which was saturated. After that, the researcher measured the weight of fat in the abdomen, liver and heart, as well as a number of other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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A large percentage of fat, including saturated and its variants, did not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Patients fat diet also saw significant improvements in several cardiometabolic risk factors, including ectopic accumulation of fat blood pressure, level of blood triglyceride, insulin, and sugar.

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