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This vitamin protects against colds and flu

Это витамин защитит от гриппа и простудыVitamin D helps the immune system to fight respiratory infections, according to the epidemiologists.

American experts have found that people with low levels of this vitamin in the body (especially asthmatics and patients with chronic Airways disease), often suffer from flu and colds.

Doctors from the University of Colorado, Children’s hospital Boston General hospital Massachusetts (USA) reviewed the health and nutrition 19 thousand people, conducted a detailed medical examination, including blood tests and other laboratory samples.

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As a result, experts noticed that people with the lowest levels of vitamin D in the body is 40% more likely to suffer from respiratory tract infections. The asthmatics suffered from a cold in 5 times more often, and patients with chronic pulmonary diseases in 2 times more often.

At the same time, the effectiveness of vitamin C, which is traditionally used as the main vitamin against colds and flu, experts doubt

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