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This vegetable will help to cope with hypertension

Этот овощ поможет справиться с гипертониейDoctors told, than useful carrot.

No surprise not carrots, since this product appears quite often in our diet. Those who wish to preserve their health and be healthy, know how precious and valuable carrots.

No carrots, almost no soup and salad can’t do this the guest we invite to his table.

Probably everyone knows about the beneficial properties of carrots. If you every morning will start with the carrot salad and vegetable oil, then you definitely will not need any vitamins.

With what diseases to cope carrots
This vegetable is very high concentration of selenium, which is essential for health. Selenium is required for our skin and hair. If you drink one glass of carrot juice, it is possible to forget about such diseases as atherosclerosis, hypertension and anemia. This juice advise you to use doctors people have had heart attacks, so this juice relieves heartburn hyperacidity.

Strep throat, colds and hoarseness cured easily in this juice. During this cold juice instilled in the nose. Boiled carrots with butter protects against the formation of cancer cells, this conclusion was made by scientists. But carrot tops helps with varicose veins.

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For the preparation of folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins you should dry the carrot tops. Take two liters of water, pour into a container and boil water, then take ten tablespoons of dried leaves and add to hot water. Boil for five minutes. After keep under cover until cool, and then you strain the broth. Take four times a day one glass. Store the broth in the refrigerator.

This broth can be treated throughout the summer, as well as possible to procure raw materials and to continue the treatment further. To dry the leaves better a little at a time. Winter for a better taste of the decoction of the tops, you can add a little honey.

Carrots has properties that can heal sores. And cystitis should make compresses and apply to the lower abdomen.

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The carrot has another remarkable property, it can improve the hemoglobin level in the blood. Usually doctors recommend to raise to use drugs, and grenades. Not everyone can afford to constantly buy grenades, but a grenade will come the carrot. Take carrots for several months ( on a daily basis, you can take short breaks) and your tests will come soon back to normal.

Not all children like carrots, however, for them it is the essential vegetable. Try to go for small tweaks and let the children eat this vegetable.

As soon as the child starts to hurt, take a carrot and make of it a remedy that will help very quickly to say goodbye to the cold. After using carrot sore throat usually disappears the next day. That’s such a good and amazing properties of this vegetable, which everyone knows.

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