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This vegetable is particularly useful for men’s health

Этот овощ особенно полезен для здоровья мужчинNamed vegetable that reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Scientists from the UK found that tomatoes that are present in the diet, reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by as much as 20%.

The secret is that tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene. In addition, tomatoes have a positive effect on the body due to antioxidants which are able in large measure to rid the body of toxins that cause cell damage.

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Especially the specialists recommend to consume tomatoes men after 50 years, will be useful to them and the tomato puree and juices.

We also add that abuse, for example, tomato sauce can lead to negative consequences, the reason is the high salt content in the product.

For a positive effect of tomatoes you should eat only about 10 vegetables a week. It will be available and sufficiently effective prevention against prostate cancer.

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