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This vegetable has a negative impact on the heart

Этот овощ негативно влияет на работу сердцаThan for humans onion.

Useful properties of onions have long been known. It contains a lot of vitamins (A, C, E, PP, B, B1, etc.) and minerals (magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron).

Onions are rich in volatile production, helping to fight colds. The vegetable is treats seborrhea, dandruff, strengthens the potency and helps rid the body of toxins. He is so fond of the people of Ukraine that each year in the hope to cure all diseases each citizen eats over 12 kg of onions. However, many forget that everything in this world is good in moderation and even onions have their negative sides.

Raw onions

First and foremost, about the raw bulb onions it is important to remember to eat only freshly milled vegetable. The longer the peeled and sliced onion is in the open air, the more bacteria it absorbs. After 2-3 days, this vegetable turns into a infectious a bomb and nothing but harm, to bring. So to have a bow only in the husk. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But in that case, if it was stored properly, you should not eat this vegetable weight. Especially if there are digestive problems. Onions (and green feathers, in particular) greatly increases the acidity of the stomach and irritate the digestive organs. The abuse of them easily earn a gastritis, and eventually an ulcer. If these problems are already urgent, it is necessary to forget about Luke and move on to more gentle for the body products.

Other negative effects of onions on the digestive system may also refer to flatulence and worsening of chronic liver diseases. It is also not recommended eat onions when the tendency to the formation of kidney stones. Onion juice strengthens and greatly accelerates the process.

In addition to the digestive system onion is very bad for the heart and respiratory system. Due to the irritating and exciting influence on the nervous system it can easily trigger asthma attacks and other allergic reactions.

This issue is very important to listen to yourself. If for some reason the smell of the bulbs is causing the rejection, the disgust, it is not necessary to force the body and eat it. Disgust is a natural signal of our body that any product is alien and unwholesome.

Last harmful quality raw onions — ability to raise blood pressure and bad influence on heart rhythms. People with congenital heart disease, vascular dystonia, suffered a heart attack or having problem with blood pressure at all costs to reduce the use of the bow to a minimum. This will significantly improve the quality of life and will help you to feel much better.

Boiled and fried onions

Harmful properties of onions did not decrease when frying, boiling or baking in the oven. Boiled-fried onion still remains for the body a time bomb, losing all its beneficial qualities. Particularly harmful fried. It absorbs during cooking carcinogens from heated oil, and these substances lead to the formation of malignant tumors.

Fried onions can cause belching and bloating. It is extremely harmful in pancreatitis, gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors generally advise patients with any diseases of the stomach, liver or intestines not eat onions in any form. It can only hurt. Thus the valuable substances contained in this product, it is easy to find in many other, less harmful vegetables and fruits.

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