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This vegetable can replace medication for many ailments

Этот овощ способен заменить лекарства от многих недуговEven 60 years beets will restore sight, save the liver and protects against cancer

Most people consider health the most important priorities in life. But even with proper nutrition and regular exercise, our bodies eventually decline due to aging.

From nowhere there are ailments in the liver, fat accumulates and all this leads to numerous complications. But this man “discovered” the vegetable that cope with such problems better than most pharmaceutical drugs!

Of course, we are talking about beets

Beets — it’s brown vegetable in Europe familiar to virtually all.

It is mainly used in various salads and ready meals, and although the beet flavor was not very popular, the use of beetroot for health is clearly worth it.

Regular consumption of beets can help you to restore vision, prevent congestion of the intestine and even eliminates fat accumulations in the liver and that’s not all!

But still it can be useful

In addition to the above benefits, beet root improves blood circulation and stimulates the function of the cardiovascular system. It gives enough energy for the whole day.
Beet contains a lot of betaine and tryptophan, which calms the nerves and lower stress levels.
Beetroot also has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals in the body, enhancing overall body health.

Here is the recipe healthy beet salad that you can eat every day


salt to taste;
olive oil;
2-3 beets;
2 bulbs.

Peel the beetroot and boil it in salted water.
Cut it into pieces and put in a bowl.
Chop onion and add to beets.
Add salad olive oil, vinaigrette and salt to taste.
Leave the salad for an hour, so he got soaked. Ready!

This amazing salad will clean your bowels and liver, and improve eyesight. We recommend you to eat beets each day to avoid many different problems, illnesses and infections.

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