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This vegetable can protect against premature aging

Этот овощ может защитить от преждевременного старенияThis is the “fruit of youth”.

According to nutritionists, the eggplant does not abound with vitamins – they contain small amounts of b vitamins and ascorbic acid. However, this vitamin “poverty” more than kompensiruet other useful properties.

In modern science the other name of eggplant is “fruit of youth” is fully justified. Regular consumption of eggplant can delay skin aging.

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The thing is that eggplants contain substances that promote the production of collagen, a guardian of youth. In addition, these blue-purple vegetables supply the body with substances that help to retain moisture, so wrinkles will be less.

Experts advise to give preference to young fruits of eggplant, as they are less likely to contain such a substance, such as solanine (bitter taste), which in large quantities can cause some stomach problems.

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