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This vegetable can protect against heart disease

Этот овощ способен защитить от болезней сердцаGarlic protects against heart disease

The use of garlic has a preventive effect on cardiovascular health, say U.S. researchers from the Medical school of Emory University.

Scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory mice with an increased risk of heart damage. Experts found in the composition of the garlic substance Diallo-trisulfide, which prevents the destruction of heart tissues. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Part of rodents introduced this substance. It turned out that those who entered substance of garlic, the amount of damaged heart tissue was reduced by almost 2/3.

Experts explain that this substance releases hydrogen sulfide, which in certain concentrations protects the heart. Now scientists are studying the possibility to obtain the same effect by injection and using oral medications.

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