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This useful product will help to quickly get rid of the cough

Этот полезный продукт поможет быстро избавиться от кашляTurnips will help to get rid of many ailments.

In cold weather the human body under extreme stress, which can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

That is why at this time to be as careful, with the development of “dormant” diseases.

This may help in the prescribed by the attending physician medicines and natural foods that have been used by our ancestors for the treatment of certain disease States. One such natural remedies is a turnip. Its good for people is not in doubt.

Useful properties of turnip:
Has a relaxing effect for insomnia,
Stimulates the secretion of gastric juice,
Improves functioning of gall bladder,
Has a mild diuretic effect,
Used as a cough medicine,
Can be used as a light painkiller,

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Turnip is known for its antiseptic impact, so many centuries with her help, struggled with the cough and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract,

Turnip antioxidant properties allow it to cleanse the body of harmful substances and to be effective in the prevention of tumor diseases. By the way, these same qualities are inherent in all plants of the cabbage family – cabbage, radish, daikon and other
Turnip enhances immunity and resistance of an organism against viral diseases.

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Nutritional composition of the turnip are also good. It contains ascorbic acid, vitamin e, thiamin, a large number of mineral salts and that is very important for the female body, calcium. Ladies, you should regularly include turnips in your daily diet in order to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and certain blood disorders.

Turnip is absolutely contraindicated in:

gastritis with high acidity,
gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer,
acute and chronic pancreatitis,
acute gastroenteritis,
inflammatory diseases of the kidney and liver, as well as other pathologies of the digestive system.

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