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This unusual cat is a lot of money. Photo

Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. ФотоIt looks like the most expensive cat in the world.

A novel about the experiments of Dr. Moreau was published back in 1896, and it is difficult to imagine a more strange and monstrous genetic manipulation of living beings. However, this story itself comes to mind when you look at karaketov – cats, which would never have existed in nature, if not human intervention.

Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. Фото

Karakey was withdrawn quite recently – in 2007. It is a hybrid caracals – big wild and rather aggressive cats, almost not amenable to domestication, and Abyssinian cats, one species of common household Pets. Their hair is uniformly red, without bands or spots, although some individuals are markings on legs, tail and belly, and dark stripes over the eyes, inherited from the Abyssinian genetics.

Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. Фото

The first generation karaketov – F1 – is also the distinctive features of caracals: large ears with black tufts on the end. This hybrid looks like a wild animal, although in fact already is. The voice of this animal is also not like the voice of domestic cats. Such cats do not meow, they roar, a growl, trying to communicate in any way but, in fact, the meow. The first generation karaketov usually weighs around 13 kg, while in the second generation karakami noticeably “shrinking” and weigh about 9 kg. These cats have a much more flexible “home” character and know how to meow.

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Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. Фото

By external parameters Abyssinian cats and caracals are very suited to each other. There’s only one very significant problem for crossing these breeds is their size. Male caracals weigh 15-19 kg, while the common house cat weighs 4-5 kg. the Question is not always only a problem of crossing these species, but the survival of the offspring. For cats these kittens are too large – and it often does it if not serious health problems, then at least stress. All this makes karaketov the rarest and most expensive cat breed. Now there are about 30 such individuals, and the cost of one of them can cost half a million rubles ($23 400) and more.

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Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. Фото
Эта необычная кошка стоит огромных денег. Фото

And of course, as is often the case with exotic breeds, the owners karaketov faced with another problem: a genetic mutation. Such animals may have digestive problems, they are prone to rabies, they are more aggressive, and the urine of males has a very strong odor, which is characteristic of wild animals. What features will have the next generation, if they are, is still unknown. But for those wishing to have such an unusual pet that is irrelevant to the problem – caracity have the appearance of a wild cat, but their dispositions have been pacified. But do they have the right to exist? This question is difficult to answer. Not all approve of the game of Dr. Moreau, but the results of such work already exist, and it is a very beautiful result, not like one of the monsters from the famous novel.

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