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This the kind of Hope where no one has ever seen

В таком виде Надежду Матвееву еще никто не виделPresenter of “vse bude dobre” and “Everything will be tastefully” decorated Christmas costume than cheer his followers on Instagram.

Nadezhda Matveeva always elegant and neat, her images are very discreet. But today she decided to surprise everyone and took pictures dressed as a penguin. Most of the spectators “vse bude dobre” absolutely boggles the mind reincarnation of Hope in the puppets.

And that’s what she thinks about it: “it is Time to decide on a Christmas costume! As a child I suffered from costume ladybugs: a boy was pointing his finger at me and said to my mother: “Look, bug!” I refused to go to the Grandfather frost with the poem, you never know what he will say! Penguin costume seems to be winning: hides figure flaws, warm, and the penguins seem to be nice people)) What do you think, to take???”.

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Just a few hours the comments under a positive the presenter was filled to the brim. Subscribers appreciated the choice Matveeva appreciated and said that this woman is able to make anyone smile. The followers agreed that it is not the suit makes the man, and the man himself makes any outfit irresistible, as in the case of Nadezhda Matveeva, because it really created the image of a pretty cute penguin.

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В таком виде Надежду Матвееву еще никто не видел

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