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This Tereshkova does not propose to zero out the credits at the time of the epidemic

Такого Терешкова не предложит- обнулить кредиты на время эпидемии

Urgently cancel payments on loans, and to suspend the work of the collectors at the time of the epidemic, invited the Legislators of the Cossacks in the face of the Council of Atamans of Russia.


Due to the fact that many workers sent on leave till the stabilization of the epidemiological situation, they can not in time to pay the credits – says a representative of the Council of Atamans of the Cossack Russian General Gennady Kovalev – it is necessary to reduce the financial burden on the population.


In difficult situations, large financial institutions should undertake and share with the people their problems. “When the crumbling skies – the Titans should support the sky,” says the Scripture.


“We need at least a year, to reset all loans to individuals, including mortgage loans,” — says ataman Cossack nereestrovyh Rosolska Valery Kamshilov. “We have sent his proposal to President Vladimir Putin and State Duma. If this is not done now, immediately the shaft of non-payments will lead to house credit and Finance system and will divide society. It is only in the hands of external enemies of Russia, who only dream that repeated itself 90 years.


But if someone from oligarchs do not want to share with the people of his trouble, how he told Mr Putin – a place for them in Hell.


In Europe. at the time of forced leave of absence because of quarantine shall be paid a monthly allowance of 850 euros and a frozen credit and utility bills.


According to the who, vector transmission COVID-19 is between 1.5 and 2.5 and is about three times higher than that of influenza. The communication is done in geometric form: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64.


However, unlike influenza and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, which was the last epidemic of coronavirus in 2003), COVID-19 applies and it can be caught even during the incubation period, meaning it can spread even before any clinical manifestations.


Speaking of zarahemla in Europe, it is important to understand one very simple thing: in the next 3 months we all will be COVID-19. The danger is not in the mortality which is not much more than according to these indicators, the usual flu, but the fact that a huge number of patients paralyzes the medical institutions.


And we know that when the bed is full, activates the Protocol of military medicine, and doctors have to decide who to put on the bed, and who to send home and selection will favor those who have more chances to recover.


Therefore, even if we are infected, you need to do so that viral load was minimal. Therefore, it is not recommended to go to public places, avoid public transport and places of public catering.


Valery Rozanov Coordinator of the CFA for the work of the Cossacks with the media

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