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This sweetness is especially useful for men’s health

Эта сладость особенно полезна для мужского здоровьяDoctors told about the benefits of chocolate for men.

Its taste pleases us since childhood. First and foremost, we associate it with celebration, with something good, pleasant and joyful. But oddly enough, not everyone can afford to frequently enjoy the divine taste of chocolate. We explain this fact its possible harm to your figure and health. I hasten to please, it’s all just another myth.

With regard to the figures, there is not particularly argue, excessive consumption of sweets makes our forms more lush, but for the health is debatable.

What are the benefits of chocolate
Scientists have put forward a new hypothesis about the possible beneficial properties of good old chocolate, namely, the rejuvenation of the body, support the heart, normalizing blood pressure and even prevention of heart attack and stroke. After a while this delicacy may lead all the ratings of the most healthful foods. And we will only be happy.

Let’s start with the most urgent, what is the use of chocolate? A small piece of dark chocolate a day will save you from depression, apathy, bad mood, stress, will lead to a state of cheerfulness, will add activity and come across a desire to do something useful.

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Bitter chocolate contains huge amounts of antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, protect the skin from wrinkles, give freshness, youthful and extra Shine.

The benefits of chocolate is that it accelerates metabolism, promotes the excretion of toxins from the body thereby purifying it. He also keeps under review the working of the hormonal system, reduces appetite. Not in vain in the critical days women always want sweet. You should not indulge in chocolate, especially if this requires your body, and it should obey.

Why you need to eat chocolate
Chocolate has always been considered a female-only dessert, but it is also useful for men. The ancient Aztecs believed that sweets increase the potency, increase virility, reveal the sexual energy of a person and are a great aphrodisiac. Please your man tasty treat. For example, you can arrange a romantic dinner with fondue dipping chocolate, fruit, creative, delicious and healthy.

In addition, if men will eat every day chocolate in small portions, it will help them to reduce the risk of stroke. To such conclusion scientists have come as a result of the experiment. They believe that the risk is reduced by 17%.

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The benefits of chocolate that it improves mood. The mood can affect not only taste, but also the quality of your favorite treats. The chocolate has a different cocoa content (in percentage). Find the sweetness specially for yourself that will delight, inspire, and make you happier. Of course, you need to choose in the first place is a good choice. Some like dark chocolate while others don’t even think of his sweetness. Trust your taste sensations.

All the chocolate you can eat not all. It is contraindicated to treat allergies and people with diabetes. Remember that a large amount of it may hurt, even if you have no health problems. Ideally, it is recommended to eat no more than thirty grams of chocolate per day. It is worth noting that we are talking about natural dark chocolate. Milk, white, with a variety of additives – it is a different story. When choosing your favorite sweets always carefully study their composition.

Arrange surprises for the whole family. Let the chocolate will bring to your home a holiday, it’s so distracting from the everyday routine.

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