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This sweetness is especially useful for healthy teeth

Эта сладость особенно полезна для здоровья зубовWhat useful properties has chocolate.

It is known that this delicacy is the subject of adoration of women and children. Chocolate is highly useful. It a storehouse of substances that will help restore health.

The uniqueness of this sweet delicacy is that it has a beneficial effect on the psyche, relieves irritation, restores lost spiritual equilibrium. Chocolate contains vitamins a, B1, B2, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. Moreover, in some varieties of chocolate these substances, even more than Apple or Cup of yogurt.

Eat – smarter

According to experts, chocolate is a wonderful stimulates the thought processes. The fact that flavonoids contained in chocolate increase cerebral blood flow. Each time, eating Breakfast 2-3 small chocolate piece, you can keep a good memory and clarity of mind.

In addition, tasty bars protect the heart and clean blood vessels. This happens due to powerful antioxidant properties. And hidden in the chocolate, the theobromine can save you from annoying cough better than codeine, which is included in many medicines for cough.

Carious monster

By the way, the stories that chocolate is harmful to teeth, has no Foundation. These sweets are substances that are not only harmful to the tooth enamel, but also strengthens it.

For teeth useful bitter dark chocolate, where the cocoa content is at least 56%, says the dentist Oksana Petrova. This chocolate is antiseptic a substance that inhibits the development of caries and Tartar.

It is important to remember that the maximum benefit carries only the bitter chocolate without any sugar. Chocolate candies and bars with additives is irrelevant.

With all the wealth. delicious chocolate can be shown not to all. For example, children under five years it shouldn’t due to the fact that chocolate contains a substance stimulating the nervous system. And Allergy to hand.

And I can not

— Chocolate should not be consumed for those people who have diabetes, gout, obesity or atherosclerosis, says dietitian Vasily Pivovarov. — Junk it and those with kidney diseases, liver disease, and high blood pressure.

Even psychologists say that chocolate lovers are less likely to suffer from depression, loneliness, regardless of age. So there is every chance to get your dose of the hormone of happiness.

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