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This stylish house you can build in a few hours. Photo

Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото This house is only 1200 dollars.

To rent an apartment in cities such as new York, Sydney or London, very expensive. Instead of shooting, you can build your own house for only $ 1200 and in less than three hours. Joshua Woodsman, the architect of the company Pin-Up Houses, ready home designs that cost only a small fraction of rents in the major cities. One of his models — “France” — it is possible to collect the three of us just three hours. The facade is painted in the colors of the French flag, where each color is a separate room. Blue is bedroom, red kitchen, white living room. Edition Lost at E Minor spoke to the architect to know about this cozy cottage and on the motion of small houses.

Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

Why are you interested in tiny houses? How did you start this movement?

Since architecture is a vast and complex area of knowledge, I think it’s important for everyone to find their specialization. I’ve decided to focus his profession on the budget and minimalist spaces for living. I have always been interested in spontaneous forms of architecture that can be found in the homes of the lower social strata, the architecture of slums, or the vanishing of traditional cultures — for example, local tribes, nomads, etc.

Looked like the creative process, when you worked on the concept of “France”?

My goal was to propose and prototype a mass produced house from the panels. This experiment gave me a taste of what it’s like in reality, and to learn about the pitfalls of the idea of the semi-finished products in architecture. The house consists of 22 panels which can be quickly disassembled and transported to another location.

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Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

Please tell us about the features of saving space in the house.

Storage space for all furniture in the house — in seats in a table or in bed in the blue zone. This also applies to the separation wall which also serves as a shelf. Through these techniques save space, the house is easy to disassemble, which reduces the cost of its transport in a truck or container.

Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

What difficulties had to face, creating a house for 1200 dollars?

It’s not as impossible a task as it might seem. The sum of $ 1,200 — the cost of materials. I chose simple materials that are in any part of the world — the logs, corrugated iron and plywood. The budget does not include work. It took three people and about two weeks for production of panels and then about three hours to build a house.

Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

What’s it like to live in a house? What is the main advantage of living in such a small dwelling?

I personally have not lived in this house for a long time, I only stay there from time to time. But what I like most about it is the inner space that does not attract the attention as other, more ornate homes. It gives the opportunity to focus on the peace and beauty of nature and achieve inner peace using meditation or read some good books. The house has limited space, so for a long time there can be only two people (who really like each other).

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Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

How do you convince people to change lifestyle and move to a smaller home? How do you see the movement for a small home a few years later?

I wrote a guide “How to build a small house” with the aim to inspire people to make a choice in favor of the house less, in it I discuss and analyze aspects of small houses. I wrote this book over a year and have joined there are lots of tips that can be useful to anyone who builds a house on their own. I drew more than a thousand images illustrating all the stages of building a small wooden house. I hope this book will be a source of inspiration for readers and for their own budget projects, residential construction. However, we also develop a little home and create plans with detailed instructions explaining the construction process.

Этот стильный домик можно построить за несколько часов. Фото

With regard to the movement of a small house, it has always existed. Because it was always groups of people living in small spaces in caravans, nomadic yurts, in the slums etc. But now part of the middle class is faced with the need to reduce housing costs. And they turned this need to save money and cut costs in life, calling it “the little house”.

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