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This spice will help to significantly lower cholesterol

Эта специя поможет существенно снизить уровень холестерина

Named 11 of the medicinal properties of cilantro.

Coriander is the second name of cilantro and often referred to as the seeds and the spice from this plant.

But essentially it does not change: cilantro or coriander can be safely used for medicinal purposes.
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Somehow not many people favor a spokeswoman for the greens, like cilantro. It is often used in the Caucasian, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese and Latin American cuisines. Yes, the scent of her, maybe a little unpleasant, but the taste of cilantro is a great complement to soups, meat dishes, tomatoes, sauces, pickles. But it is not only properties of the plant, coriander can be used as medicine.

Cilantro in appearance very similar to parsley, but it has a very specific aroma. In this green a lot of oils that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract, reduce inflammation and even help to increase appetite. This plant has one more positive quality, proven by science: some of its constituent substances, promote the excretion of toxins and heavy metals. Also, these greens contain a lot of acids, one of which ascorbic. From this it becomes clear that the use of coriander is very useful for immune support, especially in the cold season. And it is not only useful properties of coriander.

11 useful properties of coriander

Cures cough
Frequent diseases of broncho-pulmonary system experts recommend drinking tea made from cilantro. You need to take a small bunch of greens and pour a glass of boiling water, and then give the drink to infuse for 10 minutes. Drinking this tea will help the mucus to become less viscous and easier to move out of the lungs.

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To cope with diarrhea
As cilantro in many essential oils, antioxidants and antibiotic like substances, this plant helps to cope with digestive disorders in the form of diarrhea. Especially if their cause be a bacteria or fungi.

Increases lactation
With the problems of establishing lactation is often faced by those women who have been through caesarean section. Now, Indian women manage it with the help of coriander seeds. They either chewed them or brewed a handful of seeds with boiling water and then drank tea.

Lowers cholesterol and protects against heart attack
Above we wrote that some of the substances of coriander an excellent job with cleaning the body of toxins. Also regular consumption of this plant helps break down bad cholesterol and thus to clean the blood. This property of coriander helps to get rid of fatty plaques in the blood vessels, which helps to prevent heart attacks and other problems with the cardiovascular system.

Treats stomatitis
Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of the plant help to cope with problems in the oral cavity. And Yes, if you are suffering from bad breath, then cilantro will also help to get rid of it: it is enough to chew a few coriander seeds, and fresh breath guaranteed.

Helps to combat anemia
The coriander is high in iron, because of this that the greens can be safely included in the diet, helping to fight iron deficiency. Add cilantro to soups, salads and sauces fresh.

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Gets rid of conjunctivitis
Eye wash conjunctivitis infusion of cilantro help to get rid of this problem. And all thanks to the antibacterial properties of plants. Wet cotton pads with infusion and wash your eyes with them, soon the swelling goes down.

Strengthens the immune system and fights herpes
Vitamin C, iron and antioxidants beneficial to the immune system. And Yes, if you often suffer from herpes ranock on the lips, then the more you need to include in your diet coriander.

Helps with disorders in the digestive tract
Did you know that regular consumption of cilantro recommended by doctors for those who suffer from anorexia? The fact that coriander helps the production of enzymes and gastric juice, and this in turn contributes to increased appetite.

To cope with PMS
If you have PMS is a pain, and mood swings, then you need at this time to try to drink tea from cilantro. It helps regulate the production of hormones at this time. And it relieves menstrual pain.

Improves the function of internal organs and glands
The use of coriander helps to clean the liver and improve its work. Also has a beneficial effect on the pancreas and other endocrine glands. By the way, the substance of cilantro helps better pancreas to produce insulin, which helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

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