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This spice should add to your diet in the autumn

Эту специю следует обязательно добавить в свой рацион осеньюCinnamon is one of the most popular spices, which are perfect for delicious pastries and fragrant mulled wine.

This spice warms and gives a feeling of home comfort, but most importantly, it is also incredibly useful.

Cinnamon has beneficial properties at any time of the year. But for fall it is just perfect, and we will try to explain why.


Cinnamon contains a lot of vitamins, which are needed with the onset of cold weather: it is almost a full range of b vitamins, vitamins a, PP and, of course, s

Strengthening the immune system

Due to tanning agents, iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc in the composition, cinnamon helps to produce antibodies to most seasonal viral diseases.


Cinnamon invigorates not worse than coffee: it normalizes blood pressure, dilates blood vessels, tones. In addition, it promotes concentration, which is so often lacking for children and adults in the autumn.

The fight against colds

Back in the old days it cinnamon I cough, tonsillitis and rhinitis: the volatile oils in the composition she fights with them better than any “chemistry”.


Fiber is the part of cinnamon and its stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract will help to keep yourself in shape even if you eat in cold weather more food than usual.

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