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This quick exercises help to get rid of back pain

Эта быстрая гимнастика поможет избавиться от болей в спине Only five actions will affect the condition of the spine.

We have to admit that not everyone knows about what an important function is given to the spine in the human body. First of all, you should realize that the spine is the main supporting structure of our body that is under constant tension.

How often we forget that our spine requires no less attention than other parts of our body. The price paid for it – intervertebral disk displacement, herniation, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerve roots, etc. as a result we could accompany persistent pain in its different departments, changing the quality of life. Meanwhile, there is one very simple exercise that will help to maintain the health of your spine for years to come.

Every day, lying in bed, get a useful habit at night to pull the spine:

1. Raise your hands up towards your body and not to the ceiling;
2. Then bend your ankle ie, take both feet and straighten your knees;
3. Tighten the buttocks, i.e. squeeze them;

4. Suck the abdomen and press firmly over the lower back to bed;
5. Now, maintaining this position, reach hands up, heels down, stretching the spine in two directions.

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