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This product will help to protect against acute respiratory infections and flu

Этот продукт поможет защититься от ОРЗ и гриппаHow many cloves of garlic a day will help to avoid the flu.

In Ukraine started the flu season and other viral diseases that cause similar symptoms, which doctors call SARS. So more than ever today is the question of how to protect yourself and your family from this disease.

In addition to the traditional recommendations of doctors who advise to get a flu shot, Ukrainians use traditional methods of preventing respiratory diseases.

One of them is the consumption of large amounts of garlic. Indeed, it contains volatile, which somewhat increase the body’s resistance to infections. For the viruses, unfortunately, they do not have such influence. So, directly to the flu, garlic is unlikely to help. However, for the prevention of bacterial infections that can join viral disease with this natural antibiotic is very helpful.

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If disease garlic was not a part of your daily diet, it is not necessary to recite it is heads. This question is not to overdo it, as is the expected recovery can be to exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system that will only complicate the disease and over treatment in hospital. Experts advise the use of garlic as a flu medication be sure to consult with health professionals, especially for people with sensitive gastrointestinal tract and small children.

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How many cloves of garlic a day is needed to prevent bacterial infections?

Experts believe that for these purposes it is enough to add meat or entrees only 1 clove of garlic during the day. This will be enough!

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