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This product it is desirable to include in the diet of all hypertensive patients

Этот продукт желательно включить в рацион всем гипертоникамUnique properties of garlic.

UK scientists have found that garlic reduces the tension of blood vessels and thus reduces the load on the heart.

Contained component thiosulfinat has beneficial effects on the heart and arteries, helps them to better distribute blood through the body.

Biologically active component of garlic — again inhibits platelet aggregation and reduces blood viscosity.

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Thus, decreases blood clots, decreases the risk of thromboembolism of the coronary arteries and cerebral vessels. Decreases the likelihood of myocardial infarction and stroke.

The active component of the plant — allicin, interacting with red blood cells, stimulates the production of sulfide, which, in turn, affects the walls of blood vessels, reducing their stress.

Improves blood flow, normalizes blood pressure and decreases load on the heart.

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Professor, University of California David Julius argues that garlic can be used to combat hypertension. For maximum effect, it is sufficient to use only a few cloves a day.

Don’t forget that during heat treatment, the garlic loses the lion’s share of its peculiar smell.

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