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This product is to — to lay in the period of epidemic influenza

На этот продукт стоит подналечь в период эпидемии гриппаExperts are confident that fat can protect a person from even the most resistant viruses.

Recently in one of regions of Ukraine had exceeded the epidemic threshold. Adults and children without exception are infected with the flu. Schools and other educational institutions, city authorities are forced to close on quarantine. It became known how to be saved from the influenza virus and do not give a chance to overcome the illness of a loved one.

Not only therapists, and nutritionists agree that high-calorie fat — the best winter product with unique properties. 100 grams of salted fat contains more than 800 calories, for most people, this dose — half the daily requirement of calories. Too lean for bacon was not worth it, but every day to eat a few slices of this wonderful product doctors recommend. Especially should be careful with fat those people who suffer from excess weight.

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Why fat?

Lard enriched with vitamins A, D, E and F. Plus, this product contains essential fatty acids necessary for normal functioning of the body. The most interesting thing that experts call these a fatty acid composition similar to those already present in the human body. That is, it turns out that the fat in a cellular level suits the person more than any other product.

Eat fat permanently is because:

– it is easily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract;

– it can be used for Allergy sufferers;

only 30 grams of fat, eaten at lunch, and you are loaded with energy until the end of the day;

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– this product boosts the immune system, creating a reliable protection for the body from viruses, infections and other harmful bacteria;

fat does not lose its properties when frozen or salted for a whole year.

Physicians draw attention to the fact that the fat contains bad cholesterol. And in order to reduce its negative impact on the blood vessels, you should just stick to the daily value and is not more fat than allowed doctors. If you are a healthy person who does not have problems with overweight, you can afford to eat about 30 grams of salt fat a day.

You cannot lose sight of the fact that bacon is not as good as raw or salted, so it is not recommended by doctors.

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