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This product is good to eat before bed

Этот продукт полезно есть перед сномFrom it you will not recover.

Employees of the University of Florida has determined that bedtime is very useful to eat cottage cheese. This habit promotes good health, was able to confirm scientists.

American experts conducted an experiment involving women over the age of 20. The task of the scientists they used cottage cheese 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Researchers were interested in how the use of curd in this time of day can affect the physiology of the body (particularly tracked changes in metabolism and muscle condition).

As a result, the authors concluded that eating cheese its effect is comparable to drinking my protein shakes. In other words, the cheese helped to enhance the metabolism and make the muscles stronger, which allowed participants to become slimmer.

“Although we were able to see the health benefits it pressed cheese, of the study in relation to other healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, in our opinion, can give similar results,” – said the scientists.

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