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This product is extremely dangerous for pregnant women

Этот продукт чрезвычайно опасен для беременныхOxytocin can cause a number of negative consequences

It is known that milk is good for health. But only if it has no hazardous impurities. Some manufacturers are trying to increase milk production from cattle using the products with steroids and hormone injections. For example, animals injected oxytocin, reports the with reference to Comments.

Oxytocin, trapped in a human body from dairy products, can cause a number of negative consequences. It is associated with early puberty, gynecomastia in men and impaired testosterone production. And drinking milk with oxytocin when pregnancy is fraught with miscarriages and congenital defects in children.

Hormones from milk (prolactin, luteinizing hormone, estrogens, progesterone, oxytocin, growth hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone) can cause hormonal imbalance and infertility. These hormones can enhance the production of cervical mucus, which will prevent conception. Experts say the boiling milk allows you to eliminate the traces of oxytocin.

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