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This product is better than others to cope with the extra weight

Этот продукт лучше остальных справляется с лишним весом Three weeks in the diet – and the result is obvious.

The use affordable of yogurt daily for three weeks will result in the loss of excess weight. To such conclusion the Minister of Norway.

Supplementation with probiotics will help in getting rid of excess weight, as found by the nutritionists from Norway. They found that in just three weeks of regular consumption of yogurt can you lose more than 600 grams of excess weight. This supports the assumption of science that probiotics help the victims of obesity in the fight against unhealthy body size. They are full of live bacteria that, according to some scholars, they also correct imbalances in the gut, leading to accumulation of excess calories and processing them into subcutaneous fat.

The researchers got 957 obese adults who took supplements with probiotics in the range of three to 12 consecutive weeks. All of them were able to significantly reduce body weight, and also to adjust some of the better body mass index, which measures the amount of body fat based on the ratio of weight and height. Three-week course of probiotics helped to lose of 0.27 g/square meter according to the body mass index. Also were observed changes in the percentage of fat in the body. It has been reduced over the same period by 0.6%.

Results of observations indicate that even short-term nutritional supplementation with probiotics has a positive impact, whether getting rid of excess weight. However, this effect is small, and an urgent need to conduct new studies that would confirm the ability of dietary probiotics.

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