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This product has anti-cancer properties

Этот продукт имеет противораковые свойства Scientists have discovered a new property of mushrooms.

The journal Nature Microbiology is told about the finding of Swedish scientists from the Technological University of Chalmers, who studied the possibility of using natural resources to treat dangerous diseases. These researchers found in mushrooms is a powerful healing potential.

Scientists representing the Department of biology and biological engineering, found that mushrooms are able to produce substances that can be the cure for cancer, as well as the key to solving global health problems — antibiotic resistance.

“We have found that mushrooms have a huge, previously untapped potential for producing new antibiotics and other bioactive compounds such as anticancer drugs,” say co-author Jens Christian Nielsen.

Scientists studied the genomes of 24 species of fungi. As a result, they were convinced that the genes of fungi to encourage the production of bioactive chemicals that can be used as medicines.
However, as the authors of the study, and mushrooms particularly interesting ability to develop compounds antimicrobial properties. The substances included in the composition of fungi, antibiotics are our future, they say.
Previously, scientists has been expressed that the use of mushrooms plays a role in prevention of dementia.

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