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This porridge will help to cope with insomnia

Эта каша поможет справиться с бессонницейCalled groats, which will help to overcome insomnia

Scientists said that rice cereal can help fight insomnia due to the high glycemic index of this product.

According to experts, getting into the human body figure increases the level of protein that produces serotonin, tryptophan, which is also sometimes called the “happy hormone”.

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This substance helps in falling asleep more easily.

In order to confirm their hypothesis, the scientists conducted an experiment, which was attended by two thousand people. Part experimental used in the food, bread and pastries, and the other pasta and the third is rice porridge.

According to the results of the experiment were that the group who consumed the rice, no problem to sleep all night and slept much better, than patients from groups with a different diet.

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