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This popular spice is dangerous for health

Эта популярная приправа опасна для здоровьяAs vinegar can harm the stomach?

People with high acidity of the stomach to drink vinegar is undesirable. Violates the acid-alkaline balance and can provoke development of peptic ulcer disease. Its use worsens the condition of patients with gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, enteritis or stomach ulcers.

In case of disturbances in functioning of liver is not recommended to use vinegar. So, vinegar diet dangerous for health.

Possible harm even totally healthy gastrointestinal tract, if they much to get involved. Acid can cause serious damage to the gastric mucosa. Causes heartburn and sharp pain. Harmful effects of vinegar, when it hit in a sore stomach on an empty stomach. When secretory activity of the stomach is increased, the vinegar is contraindicated. It can aggravate the situation.
If the acidity in the stomach is reduced, in small amounts vinegar can be used in dishes. So acidification will even be useful and will not lead to an exacerbation of the disease

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Who else is contraindicated vinegar
It is not recommended to use vinegar people with kidney disease. Contraindicated to use for children and the elderly.
Doctors do not recommend eating vinegar for sexual weakness, prostatitis and constipation. The constant use of vinegar may cause blurred vision, yellowing of the skin, the appearance of caries on teeth. If you suffer from arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism – eat dishes with vinegar in the smallest quantities. Hypertension, obesity, and diabetes the amount of vinegar in food is better to reduce.

However, a reasonable use of vinegar helps to cleanse the body. Acid have antimicrobial effect and reduce “harmful” cholesterol in the blood. Vinegar cleans our cells from decay products, heals and renews them.
Vinegar is essential in cooking. Each family kept in the kitchen, the bottle of vinegar. Many salads, appetizers, sauces and dressings without vinegar. Such a condiment is indispensable in the manufacture of pickles. Even the puff pastry and some biscuits can not do without this Supplement. Vinegar able to give the test the looseness and even swing. Vinegar is added to ketchup, mayonnaise, canned food and pickles.

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The scope of the product it is desirable to limit conservation. Noting the deterioration of health resulting from the consumption of cider vinegar, consult a doctor. Don’t forget that the benefits and harms of vinegar depends on the measure of its application.

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