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This popular product can trigger a heart attack

Этот популярный продукт может спровоцировать инфарктNamed the most dangerous for the heart product.

Australian scientists came to the conclusion that it is sufficient to reduce the use of a familiar product to significantly reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases.

Product that harm the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, is a common salt.

According to Australian researchers, the harm of salt is underestimated, although it very quickly and very negatively impact on the blood vessels immediately after application. With regular consumption of large quantities of salty foods, a person can develop certain pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

The love of salt increases the risk of hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. Especially in people who have a propensity to such diseases. And those are the people who have a genetic predisposition, obesity, diabetes, frequent stress and nicotine dependence.

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The more you salt your food, the more uncontrolled salt is used for finished products (sausages, convenience food, sauces), the higher the probability of disorders in the cardiovascular system. Here, the harms of salt are indisputable.

“Consumption of salty foods has led to an almost immediate and dramatic expansion of vessels, and then to a sharp contraction, but it also encourages the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, which leads to problems with blood vessels,” said one of the authors kasi Dickinson.

Usually people use between 8 to 12 grams of salt a day, and thus 3.8 g are a high-risk dose.

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Salt-free diet in the first place, shows people with kidney problems and the urinary system, obesity, hypertension, tendency to stroke and heart attack in family history (someone from the family has one of these diseases).

In General, scientists insist that the harm of salt promoted the same way as the harm of sugar. Because the health risks are very great. We should not underestimate them.

All lovers of salt it is important to regularly clean the vessels with the help of simple tools, follow the diet, just drink and play sports. But first, you should minimize the amount of salt.

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