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This popular fruit will improve your memory

Этот популярный фрукт улучшит вашу памятьAnother reason to love grenades.

Experts in the field of healthy nutrition has told about what should be used for human consumption, faced with memory impairment. It turns out that the most powerful solution to this problem is grenades.

You started to forget where I put the keys to the apartment, back home with the feeling that not turned off the gas, leave the wallet on the counter of the store? This kind of forgetfulness is common among people of middle and old age, and doctors quite often recommend them to lean on almonds, which are supposed to help with memory loss.

But did you know that garnet is a much more effective product in this regard? This is largely due to its nutritional value. Grenades are not very pleasant to clean, but they are sweet in taste and have many useful properties – from protection against cancer and heart disease, to improve immunity and memory.

It’s all in the polyphenols – micronutrients, which is part of the pomegranate. It is found in many plant foods, help fight degenerative diseases. Polyphenol, reduces oxidative stress and protects the brain from neurological and psychiatric diseases. Rich in polyphenols products strengthen memory and cognitive brain activity. Pomegranate contains a fair amount of polyphenols, which makes it very useful for the brain.

Note that the memory impairments are often observed in patients who passed through heart surgery. In 2013, researchers have shown that the inclusion in the diet of such patients is pomegranate extract one week before and for 6 weeks after surgery to protect them from memory loss. Grenades are especially useful to people who have not developed spatial orientation, causing them to wander in three pines. It is proven that this fruit strengthens this kind of memory better than others.

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