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This popular drink is a powerful aphrodisiac

Этот популярный напиток является мощным афродизиаком8 amazing properties of coffee that recently opened science.

The potential impact of this flavored drink to health is surprisingly high.

Experts have named a few interesting facts about coffee, open science a few days ago.

Coffee and potency

Almost every year there are contradictory studies regarding the effect of coffee on male potency. On the one hand, coffee inhibits the absorption of iron, which is responsible for oxygenation of blood. On the other, the beans are considered strong and effective aphrodisiac. The conclusion is simple: before the night is love coffee is better ignored. But a Cup a day will only benefit.

Coffee and the liver

Scientists of the Italian University Mario Negri accidentally found out that coffee is a effect on the liver. Accidentally — because investigated the effect of the drink on the gall bladder (it turned out that it lowers the risk of stones here), the risk of development of liver cirrhosis is reduced by as much as 50%.

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Coffee and biorhythms

Every modern man knows the concept of jet-lag. Can cope with it, oddly enough, the same tonic. Coffee not only invigorates, but also contributes to the rapid acclimatization and normalization of biorhythms.

Coffee and dementia

This study was conducted by scientists from Switzerland. The experiment was placed on the older people, at risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The result of this work revealed that three cups of coffee a day by as much as 65% of this risk is reduced.

Coffee and weight

Caffeine boosts your metabolism and at the same time reduces appetite. What is it? Right to a healthy and strong body. Just remember to support the coffee diet, workouts, the fashion for overly skinny guys it’s been a few years ago.

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Coffee and heart

One of the common misconceptions — the negative impact of coffee on the cardiovascular system. In fact, recent studies by scientists from Berkeley showed that daily drinking five cups of coffee people suffering from heart disease is almost three times less than those who choose other drinks.

Coffee and cancer

In the 70-ies of the last century some studies indirectly proved the effects of coffee on the increase the risk of cancer. Repeated experiments 2007 is denied: coffee, by contrast, reduces the risk of cancer of the prostate and breast cancer.

Coffee and diabetes

Published in 2005, the Japanese material scientists have demonstrated the positive effects of coffee on risk of diabetes. Was collected a control group to 1 million members — more than a representative amount.

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