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This pole looks 11 years old in their 25

Этот поляк выглядит на 11 лет в свои 25 The guy suffers from a rare disease.

Pole Tomash Nadolski 25 years, but it looks like a 11-12 year old boy. It’s so natural that to confirm your age no need to always carry a passport. The word party people don’t believe him.

Tomas lives in the town of Oleśnica (lower Silesian Voivodeship) and suffers greatly from their condition. He says he hates “the boy sees every day in the mirror.”

The press describes the suffering of Tomas as the position of the 25-year-old man trapped in a child’s body and fully conscious. And the culprit is a rare congenital genetic anomaly called Fabry’s disease (Anderson-Fabry).

Fabry disease is caused by lack of the enzyme responsible for processing of a special type of fat. As a result, these fats accumulate in blood vessels and disturb normal functioning of organs.

Less often, this anomaly is found in the Netherlands (1 in 476 thousand), and often in the US (1 in 40 thousand). The disease is characterized by multiple external and internal manifestations.

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Most often in patients with disorders of sweating, skin rashes, constant internal pain, kidney problems, headaches. And the halt in the growth of the body as Tomas is very rare.

To seven years Tomas lived as any normal child. But then he started vomiting after eating, and then there was pain in the abdomen, the hands and feet, which have been preserved until now.

Because of the severe pain and now Tomas is forced to take morphine and other painkillers, but because of the inability to eat like normal people, it 20 hours a day connected to an IV.

At first, the doctors couldn’t understand what’s wrong with him, mainly involves the problem of the psyche and not a physical problem.

“My parents didn’t understand what was happening to me, but I trusted the doctors and believed that I needed psychiatric help and also just need a little more there,” says Nadolski.

But the years passed and the boy almost did not grow, his body remained a body of a child and at 14 and 16, and 20 years. It is only then that the doctors finally suspected that something was wrong, but by that time the disease has completely destroyed the relationship of Tomas and his family. They treated him like a child and did not understand him, which caused the guy a sense of rejection.

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Now Tomas is living outside the family state disability 770 zlotys (about 13 thousand) per month. He was lucky that the medications that treat it, he gets for free. Otherwise, he would never be able to buy them because the annual rate is more than 800 thousand PLN (14 million rubles).

Tomas deformed feet, causing each step to him like to go on the pieces of glass. Orthopedic surgeon does for his very soft shoes.

“I always feel pain in the joints, bones and muscles. Every inch of my body hurts and I can’t sleep and live a normal life”.

Этот поляк выглядит на 11 лет в свои 25
Этот поляк выглядит на 11 лет в свои 25
Этот поляк выглядит на 11 лет в свои 25
Этот поляк выглядит на 11 лет в свои 25

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