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This new diet will help to lose weight 10 kg in 3 weeks

Эта новая диета поможет похудеть на 10 кг за 3 неделиThis technique not only allows you to get rid of excess weight, but also to heal the human body from the inside.

Today probably there is no person who would not know what the system is the detoxification, which can lead to a form your body, improve skin condition and improve your health in General.

There are many versions of detox but have one of them, designed for 21 days (three weeks) in which you can get rid of 10 pounds or more, depending on your metabolism and how strictly you follow the program.

Created a new detox diet, the American nutritionists and it consists in the fact that all consumed food must be pre-comminuted in a blender in order to rid the body need to digest food, crushing her in the stomach.

Rule three-week detox:

whatever it is you ate, it should have the consistency of mashed potatoes;

– after Breakfast, be sure to drink a berry smoothie or juice from citrus fruits;

– you need to eat every two hours, and Breakfast 30-50 minutes after waking, and dinner no later than two hours before bedtime;

– drink water in such proportions 30 ml per one kilogram of body weight;

– no other products, except for vegetables, berries, greens, fruits, diet meats and fish, vegetable oils, green tea, mineral water without gas, can’t be eaten;

– need to diversify the diet herbal teas to your taste and drink at least a liter a day.

Many nutritionists categorically against all available detox programs, but this system does not carry anything harmful. Moreover, on this diet you do not need to become a vegetarian or chew one just boiled broccoli. In this list of permitted foods the metabolism will accelerate, people will be well fed and energetic, but in addition the weight will begin to melt with each passing day.

If the power to connect and exercise, then after 21 days you will not recognize yourself, because on the scales is at least 10 kg, and the volume of the body can go from 10 cm to 20 cm.

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