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“This nedorosl”: network is severely ridiculed the statement of the leader “DNR”

"Настоящий недоросс": в сети жестко высмеяли заявление главаря "ДНР"The network continues to jiving on the statement of the leader of the terrorists about the “state of Ukraine”.

All the week the brightest analysts and wise experts have tried to solve an impossible task. To give slender and logical interpretation of the statement of the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko about the “state of Ukraine”.

Many saw the creation of a “new state” terribly cunning plan of the Kremlin’s gradual takeover of all Ukraine. They say that Ukrainians, rejoicing that they were called the proud name of “little Russians” will be pulled to okorochkova General from all katochkov Nenko. Proud Metalist from Kharkov, educated Galicians from Lviv and Odessa sly will meet in the capital Donetsk together with Hope Savchenko and Dobkin Jr. Zakharchenko smoke the pipe of peace, bury the hatchet and get rid of the Bloody Pastor with the historical and cultural center of Kiev.

Experts, of course, know better, but it seems that this time they made a strategic mistake. After all, we surrender and with a secret appeal to the widest strata of the Ukrainian society “understand and forgive”. Of course, “novoross” Zakharchenko, remembering the sad fate of fellow”rebels” could not immediately take the guise of a penitent Ukrainian, and tried to deceive the all-seeing eye of the Kremlin’s cunning guise of a “little Russian”.

If so, then soon we will see rampant Ukrainization “DNI”, and the personal guard Zakharchenko will be disguised in the uniforms of the Cossacks Serdyukov, educational classes in schools will begin with the singing of “kozaki ydut”, as the military song of the Cossacks of Bohdan Hmelnizkogo.

Fiction — but not much larger than the transformation of the seller of the broilers in the “head of state”.

However, even meager umishkom Zakharchenko must understand that in order to earn the right to stay in a Ukrainian prison, made not enough. To do this, “the head of the Republic” must go through another stage. For example, a month to announce that “little Russia” is canceled and turns into the “Ukrainian people’s Republic” and then throw a true “militia” to fight for the release of primordial Ukrainian lands of the Kuban and of Taganrog. And then “the little Russian” Zakharchenko will, you can count on humane Ukrainian court, but in the meantime it is up to him obviously “nedorosl”.

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