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This milk product promotes detoxification and weight loss

Этот кисломолочный продукт способствует детоксикации и похудениюDiet lasts three days.

When you need to quickly lose a few extra pounds and cleanse the body of the girl remember about yogurt. Kefir diet for 3 days will in the short term to lose some weight for those who recently allowed himself some gastronomic excesses, want to bring excess water from the body or to establish the bowels. Such a strict diet and a lot of good shows because of its short duration, nevertheless, it has features that cannot be ignored.

Kefir diet

Food only yogurt could be equated to starvation, which is tolerated by the body and in the physical and in the emotional plan it is easier and more enjoyable. Kefir is a fermented milk product is very low calorie, low in nutrients, but rich in bifidobacteria. In its composition there are pros and cons to this power, whose main goal is weight loss.

The three-day kefir diet supports the body, not allowing him to fully depleted without adequate nutrition. Tolerated it difficult, especially with people who changed dramatically after a prolonged period of over-eating or a balanced diet without being mentally prepared for such hardship.

Natural yogurt, rich yogurt bacteria (not sweet or fruity) – the perfect diet product. One hundred grams of beverage is only fifty-six calories with a low glycemic index and four grams of carbohydrates. Many people mistakenly believe that kefir diet is diet protein, but it is not. Protein-rich cottage cheese, but not yogurt – it has only about three grams of protein per hundred grams of product. It is necessary to have in mind when you decide to go on a diet. If your choice is a classic hard kefir diet, three days is the optimal period for her.

Advantages of the three-day kefir diet

If within three days to eat only yogurt and nothing else, there is a rapid and efficient cleansing the body of toxins. Cleanses the intestines, thereby normalizing his work. One of the important factors that pushes people to sit on short-kefir diet – its immunomodulating properties. It is no secret that the smooth operation of the intestine are largely due to a strong immune system and body resistance to various diseases. Of course, if in the body there are serious violations of the three-day kefir diet-health is not correct, but as a preventive to the diet to resort.

Do not forget about the influence of intestinal conditions on the skin. Acne, recurrent pustular rashes, clogged pores – the scourge of those whose bowel is not cleared regularly and efficiently. Kefir diet for three days will help to bring your skin in order not to harm the body.

Who is a three-day kefir diet

Kefir diet for three days is shocking cleansing of the body for those who before you sit on it, allowed himself to gastronomy incontinence, for example, touched in desserts on the occasion. Sometimes short-term kefir diet girls in the eve of an important event when I put on a new dress or an old favorite jeans.

Three days of kefir with 1% fat content can help forms a little “blown away”, due to the loss of excess fluid and flattening the stomach you can lose a few inches in the waist and hips. Well this will help diet for those who have a photo shoot, and the face is prone to edema or there is a noticeable double chin. As a rule, a three-day kefir diet easily cope with moderate fullness of the face.

You can not sit on a strict yogurt diet for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, violation of the liver and kidneys. Do not apply this diet if you are in a heavy psychological condition, stress, and depression.

Like sitting on a three-day kefir diet

You need a half liter of yogurt, which should be divided into six equal parts and drink throughout the day at equal intervals of time. In the strictest version is taken 1% yogurt, but you can drink a classic with a fat content of 3.2% – with a hard mono-diet you will not gain weight.

Yogurt is the only product that is allowed to consume during this diet. You can not deprive the body of fluid in this period, otherwise there will be dehydration. A half liter of pure non-carbonated water is the norm for this diet. The water will help to reduce hunger, will not allow much to slow down your metabolism and will contribute to a more effective process of detoxification of the body. Tea during the diet is better not to drink any, it is not necessary to help the body to lose fluid due to the extra consumption of green tea, he feels stress.

How to get out of a three-day kefir diet

Kefir diet is tolerated is not easy, and at the end of the third day there comes the desire to immediately satisfy his hunger. The consequences can be unpredictable, but even if you don’t feel the negative changes, they will feel the body. The output of kefir diet three day should be smooth.

Need to gradually enter into the diet of starchy foods that will saturate the body with energy, but will not load the intestines excessively. In the morning you can eat whole-grain cereal with milk, in lunch – a light soup with chicken broth and for dinner – boiled fish or chicken with a small amount of vegetables, grilled or steamed. On the second day you can add to your dinner a little pasta, potatoes or rice, for dinner to introduce fresh vegetables and snacking on fruit. The first few days it is better to punctuate the meal with yogurt an hour or two. Gradually reducing its consumption, leaving it as a late supper or before sleep.

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