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This method quickly stops the bleeding

Этот способ быстро остановит кровотечениеThis can happen at any time: while cooking, work in the garden, repair, or on a picnic…

The cut is not fatal, but very unpleasant.

The first thing that comes to mind is to find something you like, than you can bandage the wound. But even in this case, the blood will continue to flow. We know natural remedy for immediate hemostasis.

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Regular paprika has an incredible coagulation properties (the ability to collapse the blood). This spice can be found in any kitchen.

The procedure is quite simple: just sprinkle the wound with paprika powder and press a tissue. The bleeding stops promptly. Pepper also has antimicrobial properties and will not allow infection to get to the damaged area.

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This way can significantly help when access to the Cabinet is limited: in extreme conditions or Hiking, for example. So, going to explore uncharted territory and to conquer new heights, taking with him a bag of ground paprika: and food flavoring can be, and first aid!

Этот способ быстро остановит кровотечение

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