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This medicinal product is improves heart

Этот целебный продукт улучшает работу сердца It is ideal for the cores.

In the beet contains more than 50% of sodium and 5% of the calcium in such proportions sommarnatt these minerals provides the best solubility of calcium in the blood.

This feature assimilation beet very positive impact on the condition of the blood vessels. The circulatory system becomes better protected from the negative process of the hardening of vascular tissue and also from increased blood pressure and other disorders of the cardiac system.

“Regular consumption of beet juice promotes vasodilation, which has a positive effect in hypertensive disease, improves memory in arteriosclerosis. In addition, it has a restorative effect nervous system, leads to a state of balance and tranquility,” – said experts.

According to scientists, for the prevention of disorders in the blood-forming organs useful to use 50-100 ml of beet juice three to four times a day. But it is important to remember that drinking beetroot juice requires caution – it is best mixed with carrot juice.

By the way, thanks to the high level of iodine in beet juice it drink gives a significant preventive effect against diseases of the thyroid gland.

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