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This kind of oil perfectly cleanses the arteries

Этот вид масла отлично очищает артерииAnother reason to add to the diet olive oil.

Specialists in the study on the impact of Mediterranean diet on people’s health with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, has revealed an unknown property of olive oil.

It turns out that only 4 tablespoons of the product cleanse the arteries and enhance the positive effect of “good cholesterol”.

To improve the impact of high-density lipoproteins enough to use olive oil or products of its contents daily, said the experts.

Course the Mediterranean diet with the use of 4 tablespoons of nutrients would contribute to the prevention of the pathological process of formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries that cause strokes or heart attacks.

Especially increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases low density lipoproteins. However, the level of “bad cholesterol” olive oil reduce can.

Proof of this was the experiment conducted by the research staff of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute Barcelona.

They watched the diet and health of 296 patients, whose average age was 66 years. All volunteers were included in the risk category due to problems with the blood vessels and heart.

Participants were divided into three groups, focusing on their food: the first team followed the Mediterranean diet with the use of refined olive oil; the second is the same type of diet but with nuts; the third, a control – fed normal healthy food, but were receiving reduced portions of red meat, sweets, and fatty dairy products.

Before starting the experiment and after completion all the participants checked the contents of the two types of cholesterol.

As it turned out, the diet contributed to the increase in the blood of “good” organic compounds, but improved its positive impact. Have treated with olive oil the volunteers were most visible effect.

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