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‘This is why Americans don’t trust media’: CNN’s Cuomo ripped for claiming he ‘obviously’ can’t cover brother’s scandals

Promising to “shoot straight” with his audience, Cuomo finally acknowledged the numerous scandals plaguing his brother Andrew Cuomo’s administration on Monday evening. 

“Obviously I am aware of what’s going on with my brother,” he said. “And obviously I can’t cover it because he is my brother.” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Cuomo promised his network would “extensively” cover the ongoing situations with the New York governor, which now include an investigation into whether the administration covered up nursing home deaths from Covid-19 as well as multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Cuomo said he will get on other “news that matters,” but he cares “very deeply about these issues and profoundly so.”

Cuomo’s claim of not being able to objectively cover his brother has many on social media reminding him of past months of coverage, which include numerous interviews with the New York governor that ignored accusations related to nursing home deaths and other criticisms mostly in favor of questions about their mother and relationship statuses.

“So you interviewed your brother a thousand times with giant q-tips joking about his sex life during covid but now that he’s an accused predator, it’s a conflict?” The View co-host Meghan McCain tweeted. “Give me an absolute break. Hypocrites. This is ground zero of why the American public doesn’t trust ANY of the media.”

“I will never forget these guys joking around while we screamed in horror at the thousands that were dying around us. An apology would’ve been a good start @ChrisCuomo,” Fox News’ Janice Dean, whose in-laws died during the pandemic from Covid-19 in New York nursing homes, tweeted. 

Three women have gone on record to accuse of the governor of sexual harassment, and the state’s attorney general has received the authority to move forward with an official investigation into the claims. Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing. He has also denied recent reports that his administration purposefully underreported nursing home deaths from Covid-19 for political purposes.

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