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“This is torture!”: Ksenia Sobchak told about their first childbirth

In the Central house of writers hosted an evening dedicated to Ksenia Sobchak. At the event, the young mother talked to a leading journalist Dmitry Bykov, and spoke about the experience of the birth of first child.

Xenia admitted that her husband Maxim Vitorgan was with her from the beginning to the end of childbirth: “Childbirth is such torture that the presence of a close loved one, who holds your hand, helps a lot. Thanks to the friends who told me to take the husband on childbirth…” however, the presenter said that will never advise his son to attend the childbirth, because this show is not for the faint of heart.

Moreover, she stated that melts every time he sees, as max nursed Plato: “I can forgive Maxim, looking at how he deals with our child.”

Sobchak spoke with Bykov and about the qualities passed on from her father, the first mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak. As it turned out, on the legacy she inherited a sense of justice.

Kseniya also shared a kind of way to relieve stress: “In anger I don’t hit the plates. I pick up the phone, watching the notebook, choose a victim and begin to scribble her threatening text messages and placing in the end of each sentence for 10-15 exclamation.characters. And so for 40 minutes. Then they settle down…”

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