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This is the logo of “venom”?

Visitors to the Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo found some banners dedicated to the upcoming film “venom” with Tom hardy in the title role.

As they say, these cardboard pieces have not been exhibited in the mind, and find only the most curious geeks. The first banner was adorned with the inscription “We are venom”, one of the famous phrases of this character. Well, in the second image you can see the handsome symbiote, whose toothy face sticking out of the letter V. it Should be noted that before us is a classic design, the venom, the creation of which was attended by Todd McFarlane.

Resource Collider has published photos CCXP, providing them with a logical assumption that Sony Pictures was presented so the logo for future paintings. But no official confirmation of this is not followed. In the middle of recording, but an active promo campaign has not yet started — too early.

What is known about the plot of the movie? Tom hardy will play the role of Eddie brook, the first media symbiote comics “spider-Man”. However, the spider in the story would not, because it is an independent project by Sony, and is not part of kynoselen Marvel. The main enemy should be venom carnage, even more repulsed by the symbiote. In addition, slipped information that the plot of the film will be based on the limited comic series “venom: Lethal Protector”, which is logical, but raises some questions.

The Director of the film speaks Ruben Fleischer, best known for the Comedy “Welcome to Zombilend”.

In Russia “venom” will be released on October 4, 2018.

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