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This is awesome! Board game on the film by John carpenter

How do you feel about Board games? Played in something other than Monopoly? Even if not, may THIS game you would like to play. In October, for Halloween on sale in USA should do nastolka based on the cult horror fiction John carpenter’s “the thing” (The Thing) – and we have a few artifacts of this game.

The full name of the Board game – “The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31”. Players will play for one or another of the film’s protagonist (to choose from, for example, in mechanical childs, Manager of the polar station, Garry and of course, helicopter pilot MacReady). As in the movie, some of the players may no longer be man, but took his appearance as an alien. During the session people will be faced with sabotage, infection, and, of course, to fight with the Creature.

I will say this — bought herself a toy?

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