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“This is a blatant case of”: Timati accused of plagiarism show from the band Nine Inch Nails

Rapper Timati became involved in a scandal — he was accused of plagiarism. Blogger and lighting designer David Misakyan, touring together with the band “Bi-2”, posted on a Youtube video and compared the show “Olimp” by Russian rapper Timati and the concert of the American rock band Nine Inch Nails. In his opinion, the resemblance is obvious.

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  • “Santa Barbara” 33 years later: what became of the actors of the famous series managed to talk to David, and he explained: “Foreign stars did a show back in 2013, while Timothy performed with the program “Olympus” in 2016. I constantly monitor all the trends in the live show and watching all the colleagues. The band Nine Inch Nails is a leader in the application of various technologies in their concerts. That is, they are like Apple in the show. It’s like stealing, say, phone design from Apple. Many groups, artists around the world, videodesigner they lauded because it is one of the most progressive and innovative groups in the world.”

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The city also added: “To the shame of Timothy, stolen not only scenography, light paintings, but also video content. That is all taken just one to one. For example, rotating the graph of a parallelepiped, glitch effects, geometric shapes. This design was unique and recognizable the group NIN. Everybody knows it is the lighting designer who is passionate about their profession.”

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Video of lighting designer David Misakian and came up to the group, in particular, to the art Director and designer team of Rob Sheridan. Rob has shared a video on his Twitter and commented: “This is a blatant case.” While the rapper Timati not given an official response.

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